What are the best Powerbox exercises?

  1. Cardiovascular Exercises: Jumping Jacks, Mountain Climber, and Long Jump and Jog Back
  2. Strength Building Exercises: Squats with Barbells and Overhead Press with Barbells
  3. Core Strengthening Exercises: Seated Barbell Twisting and Flat Lying Leg Raise


The fitness industry keeps on coming up with new kinds of workouts for fitness junkies to try out. Ever heard of Powerbox exercises? It’s a type of workout aiming to boost cardiovascular, core, and body strength. In addition, mental agility and hand-eye coordination are also heightened. Overall, this workout improves body composition. If it’s your first time hearing about this routine, try it the next time you hit the best gym in the Philippines.

If you want to test it out, here are the best Powerbox workout to try out for your next workout session!



Cardiovascular Exercises

Cardiovascular Exercises

Cardio is one of those exercises that is often included in most health and fitness tips list. With its positive effects on the overall welfare of the health and effectiveness in shedding weight, it’s sure to be a crowd favorite.


Jumping Jacks

Before starting any workout, it is essential to warm up first. And the classic Jumping Jacks is a fun yet effective way of warming up, due to its movements that require the whole body to be engaged.


Mountain Climber

Ever tried planking? Well, here’s one with a twist! Start from a high plank position, then run your right knee towards your chest. Do this with the left knee, then continue alternating each knee. Try to do it as fast as you can, be sure to avoid raising your hips.

If you want a little more challenge, try running your left knee towards your right elbow. Then the other knee towards the opposite elbow, and continue on with this step and sequence.


Long Jump and Jog Back

With your knees apart and slightly bent, both arms swung back, bending a little deeper, jump forward as far as you can. Make sure that your feet lightly land on the balls of your feet. Immediately jog backward, then repeat the process.



Strength Building Exercises

Strength Building Exercises

Another key goal of Powerbox exercise is the improvement of total body strength, which requires a different set of workouts.

When working out for body strength, dumbbells and barbells are helpful. With barbells, you have more control over the weight because you are using two hands and a few muscles all at once. You are sure to see one or two people at the best gym in the Philippines using these gym apparatuses.

Looking for more exercises to build your strength? Here are other workouts that you can do to enhance your strength more:


Squats with Barbells

With your elbows and chest raised for support, rest the bar of the barbell on your shoulders behind your neck. Make sure that your chest and shoulders are tight when removing the barbell from the rack. Position your feet shoulder-width apart and slightly bent. Then squat down, make sure that your thighs and the ground are parallel to each other. Slowly stand up and make sure that your knees do not turn towards the other.


Overhead Press with Barbells

To start working on your deltoids and triceps, lie down on a bench first. Position the bar on top of you while positioning your hands just past your shoulders. Make sure that your core is tight as you push the bar upwards. Upon reaching the top, lock your elbows outwards and slowly lower down the bar.



Core Strengthening Exercises

Core Strengthening Exercises

Majority of the articles providing health and fitness tips only incorporate abdominals when discussing core muscles. In reality, a person’s core is any body part that is not his/her limbs. It is an area of the body where power is sourced for the body to move. The core consists of the abdominal muscles, pelvic floor, glutes, hips, and scapula.

As another aspect enhanced by Powerbox workouts, the following exercises are sure to tone up not just the abdominals, but also the glutes and the hips as well!


Seated Barbell Twisting

First, you must be sitting at one end of a bench. Then lower your head as you position the barbell to rest at the base of your neck. With this as your starting position, move your upper torso (excluding the head) side to side. Do not stretch further than your body will allow since injuries may result from excessive stretching.


Flat Lying Leg Raise

Initially, you must lie down on a bench and extend your legs. Place your hands near your glutes, or hold on to the bench. Now raise your legs while maintaining their straight position at a 90-degree angle against the floor. Once your feet reach the top, hold the position for a second. Make sure to exhale as you execute this step.

Inhale while you slowly lower your feet down. To spice things up, you can eventually add weights to your feet.


Key Takeaway

If you need an all-around workout, then the Powerbox exercise is the right one for you. With the cardio workout included, you are sure that your overall health is improved. Another aspect boosted by this workout is the total body strength which is sure to come in handy every day. Lastly, the core which comprises of abdominals, glutes, and hips are also strengthened. The next time you visit the best gym in the Philippines, be sure to try out this routine.