Essential Fitness Tools You’ll Find in the Nearest Gym in Manila

When you go to a gym in Manila or the nearest gym to your home, you’ll find a number of fitness tools and equipment there. While you could ask your trainer what these are for, he might not be able to explain everything to you in detail since there are a lot of them to cover in just one session. Instead, you might want to do your own research to learn them and how they could help tone your body.

Learning about all of the different equipment is important in order to achieve the body you are aiming for. At the same time, it will keep you away from harm and injuries you might procure due to mishandling them.

It’s a good thing though that we have a complete list of these tools and equipment here on this page. Go ahead and have a read below.


You don’t need to be a gym buff to know what these look like. Along with the barbell, it’s probably one of the most iconic figures in fitness. After all, you would regularly see a smith machine in the different gyms found in Manila.

Dumbbells usually come in sets and can range from super light to super heavy. This makes it a great tool to use to track your progress. You can start at a very light 5-pound pair and work your way up from there; seeing the numbers go up is very motivating.

Not to mention, a set is quite cheap compared to other gym equipment. In fact, almost 97% of gyms in Manila, in the Philippines, and all of over the world, have a set of dumbbells. If the nearest gym in your area doesn’t have their own set, then you can get your own without hurting your pocket too much.

Pull-Up Bar

This is considered to be the true measurement of fitness. It’s a great tool to use in order to perform one of the most important workout patterns, which is pulling and rowing.

Given that this equipment takes up little to no space, you will often find this in all types of gyms – whether it’s in the most popular gyms in Manila or a small gym nearest your residence.

Apart from pulling and rowing, a pull-up bar is also a great anchor point for suspension systems or bands.


You may not have noticed this, but almost all gyms in Manila and all over the world use some type of special flooring. This may not seem very important at first, but it’s actually the most significant thing in a gym. With good flooring, a gym can be durable, safe, hygienic, and suitable for performance, especially if you’re going to do workouts that require you to do some stretching on the floor.

Do you wonder what makes the flooring suitable for a gym? It supposedly has to have the following characteristics:

  • Antislip: For better grip when doing foot work exercises.
  • Vinyl: For easy cleaning.
  • Temperature Proof: To avoid damage due to heat.
  • Durability: For making sure it will not be susceptible to damages and to make sure it will last long.
  • Insulation: For heated training.
  • Shock Absorption: To lessen the impact of falls from equipment and jumps.


One of the most effective programs for fitness is sandbag training. These can help people squat properly with the right corrective exercises. Hence, a good gym would need sandbags.

When you’re choosing a gym in Manila, look for the ones that have sandbags made from vinyl; they’re more hygienic and much safer to use.


Back in 2010, kettlebells became a trendy tool to use in various gyms. This is because, despite its simple appearance, the workouts done with a kettlebell target the entire body.

Using these to exercise is a great way to burn calories through cardio, strength, and flexibility training. The exercises may be tough to learn at first, but with the right training, using kettlebells will bring out quick results.

Sound Systems

All good gyms in Manila, will have a great sound system that will blast only the best gym music. While this won’t affect your workout directly, good sound will put you in a comfortable state of mind. Essentially, it has a psychological effect that most establishments – including the gyms nearest your area – use to attract more people to their premises. Think about it: if a place does not have a good sound system, you are likely to leave it with the intention of never coming back again.

Apart from that, great gyms also invest in having good acoustics in order to ensure the place will be free from noises that could disrupt people from doing their workouts. A number of them would even install acoustic foam treatments to be certain that noise won’t be a problem.

Sound Systems

Although steps and platforms are great for group exercises, they are also quite beneficial to solo exercisers. The range of motion that these equipments could add to your workout could be exactly what you need to up their intensity. With these items, you could perform exercises, such as squats, chest presses, and pushups.

Stability Ball

These are great for supine and prone core exercises, which are pretty commonly given out by trainers to their clients. With a good stability ball, clients such as yourself can perform core training that requires you to change positions smoothly (e.g. from seated to standing, prone to standing, supine to standing). Although a few of these moves are meant for pros, there are a number of them that even beginners could do.

Resistance Bands

These are portable pieces of gym equipment that can help up the intensity of simple gym exercises. All you have to do is simply add a resistance band to a move and you will immediately have a workout that feels brand new. Usually, these are anchored on other gym equipment, such as a pull-up bar.

The best thing about them is that these are portable, which means gyms can lend these to you or easily bring them outside if they decide to hold classes outdoors.

Medicine Balls

No matter what the weight, size, or density you encounter, a medicine ball is a great way to add fun to your workout routine. For every fitness goal, it’s a great addition because of how many dumbbell workouts can be done with it.

As for medicine ball specific workouts, it’s great for explosive movements that will work on your feet, legs, hips, shoulders, and hands. For those wanting to use a non-bounce version of this equipment, you’ll find that you could slam and throw them away without having to worry about breaking something. On the other hand, the bounce versions can help with the reaction drills and deceleration training.

Balance Trainers

Whether its half-balls, balance and wobble boards, disks or sponge pads, these balance trainers are a must-have for various training exercises in different positions. This include standing, seated, kneeling, side-lying, prone, and supine positions. Being able to train in all of them will allow you to get the most of your body’s flexibility and balance. (Take note that you must do them before you add any weight to these exercises.)

These tools can be seen in most gyms in Manila because clients will need to access them in order to do cardio, strength, and core training.

Vibration Plates

A rising trend in gyms in Manila is the use of whole-body vibration training. By adding a vibration plate to the equipment of a gym, clients will enjoy getting a regular workout while having their soft tissues stimulated reflexively.

A good vibration plate should have an X-Y-Z axis. Moreover, it should be able to have different speeds and intensities.

Battle Ropes

An invaluable tool for condition, battle ropes will surely be in any gym in Manila. The longer and thicker these ropes are, the heavier they will be. They are also made of a variety of material: manila, nylon, or polyester. The best gym facilities would have the nylon versions. These are just as heavy as the manila versions, but have a softer texture so they won’t hurt your hands.

Cones, Ladder, Hurdles

All conditioning tools and equipment are a must-have for any gym that trains athletes. After all, the right conditioning training is what will set an athlete apart from the rest of his competitors. It makes him more agile and stable while still being strong, which will spell victory for any team that practices this regularly.

Generally, conditioning equipment and exercises help any gym goer to be well-rounded and effective for any kind of exercise.

Cones, Ladder, Hurdles

Let’s not forget about the tool you need for leg day: the squat rack. These don’t really need to be brand new. However, they do have to be safe and stable! This is because these were built with horizontal brackets that were designed to catch the weight in case it falls – you could say that they were meant to push you to your limits. At the end of your session, you are sure to have sore legs; but don’t worry this means that your workout is working.

Also, really good squat racks come with attachments that make it usable for pull-ups, dips, battle ropes, etc. For any small gym nearest you, this would be a great addition because of its all-in-one feature.


Another great fitness tool that can add a sense of play is discs. A disc in the gym is a lot like sliding with your socks and gliding on the floor. Of course, for workouts this is controlled to prevent injury, but it still brings out a bit of fun in a workout.

Pilates Equipment

Pilates equipment is a great addition in a gym. But even more important is the education that comes when using these. If you are looking for these in the gym nearest your area, then you should look at how they handle and use them; this information will tell you whether your training would be worthwhile.

Cardio Equipment

These are the usual treadmills, elliptical trainers, upright and recumbent bikes, and stair climbers that you see in gyms on TV and films. They are a definite staple because they enable clients to have the option of doing a simple workout.

When you look for these in gyms, you should check whether they are commercial models, which are sturdier and have a longer lifespan.

Jump Rope

Another good portable tool; you can buy this off of any fitness stores and bring it home. It’s another equipment that you would easily see in gyms. Being able to get good at using this tool will open you up to getting effective workouts in a short amount of time. It also develops your hand-eye coordination, which will greatly affect your performance in other exercise as well as everyday tasks.

Barbell with Bench

This equipment is what people, who want to build their muscles, like to use. This thing is usually composed of a long bar with weights at each end. It is a great tool to use for weight training, bodybuilding, weightlifting, and powerlifting.

When paired with a bench, this tool can target different parts of your body.

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