How can one follow through with their fitness resolutions for the New Year?

  1. Plan a workout schedule
  2. Choose the right diet scheme
  3. Bring a friend
  4. Achieve your goal by taking it one day at a time


2017 has officially left the building and in enters 2018! With new opportunities come new transformations ahead. Speaking of transformations, nothing says ‘new me’ more than scheduling a trip to a gym in Manila, which is the perfect location for you to start your very own fitness resolutions for the New Year! However, can one really follow through with these kinds of resolutions? The answer is undoubtedly and unequivocally YES!

Staying fit and healthy is a common New Year’s resolution that people can follow through. In fact, there are a number of gyms in Manila, specifically Slimmers World, which are helping numerous individuals with their goals by offering numerous promos that people would be extremely interested with while aiding them to achieve their body goals!

You could utilize them in your favor and get rid of all the extra pounds you gained this past holiday season. To help you out, we listed down some things that you could do:



Plan a Workout Schedule

Plan a Workout Schedule

If you are planning to have productive workout sessions this 2018, then it would be better for you to plot out your schedule. As much as possible, don’t just schedule a visit to a gym in Manila just for the month of January. Try to incorporate other months as well to entice yourself to stick through your resolutions this New Year. You also don’t have to do it every day, because this will surely tire you out if you aren’t used to going to the gym daily. You could just go twice a week when your schedule isn’t so busy.



Plan a Diet Scheme

Plan a Diet Program

One thing that really helps achieve your fitness goals is none other than sticking with a good diet. Sure, the food you ate for the holidays was more than divine in taste, flavor, and indulgence — but in this case, the best way to start following through with your resolution is by avoiding foods filled with fats and choosing a diet that’s easy enough to handle.

For example, if you want to start eating more vegetables for 2018 but you’re not exactly fond of them, then you could begin by introducing them to the dishes you consume little by little until you get used to their tastes. There are numerous diet schemes for you to explore this New Year, if you aren’t sure which one will work for you, then you could always consult a dietitian or nutritionist.



Bring a Friend

Bring a Friend

Do you feel awkward going to a gym alone? Don’t worry, you could always ask one of your friends or close family relative to take with you. Together you could accomplish both of your fitness goals this New Year. You could even turn it into a friendly competition to get you going.



Don’t Rush

Don’t Rush

Like any other resolution you may have over the New Year, one must always know that it will take time for you to fully achieve it. With that, simply take your fitness goal for 2018 one day at a time. The end results, mixed in with a little bit of patience and willpower, will be all the more worth it!


Key Takeaway

Achieve your fitness goal this 2018 by following the tips we listed above. Remember that you might not see results right away, but if you keep at it – before you know it – you will have the body you deserve and worked hard for.

Happy New Year, everyone!