What are the benefits of working out in the morning?

  1. Improve productivity
  2. Boost metabolism
  3. Face fewer distractions
  4. Make it easier to develop a habit


Everyone is free to choose when they want to work out. They can do it in the wee hours of the morning at a 24-hour gym in Makati or during the deep hours of the night after a hard day’s work. People like to think that there’s an ideal time to exercise, but the truth is that the best time is whenever it works for you. Minute details such as time of day or location don’t really matter. In the end, what matters most is that you pushed through with it and you got your desired results.

If there ever was a slight difference, then it would only be the benefits that you can get from working out at a specific time. Hitting the gym in the morning offers a different set of benefits as going at night. If you’re still undecided and currently contemplating about whether to exercise in the morning or at night, then let us help you decide.

Listed below are the different benefits that you can get from working out in the morning. Read them carefully and see if you find these worth waking up early for before making a decision!


Improve Productivity

Believe it or not, exercise is better than coffee when it comes to “waking up” your mind. It’s a great way to improve your focus, mental abilities, and overall mood for the day and there are studies to back up this claim. This is possible because exercise prompts the production of feel-good hormones called cortisol and endorphin. Aside from that, it is also a great source of energy which acts as a sort of “push” that you need to start the day.

Simply put, a few hours on the grind allows you to feel awake and provides you with more energy to expend for the day. These effects can last for four to ten hours post-exercise – just enough to get you through the day and allow you to face whatever comes your way.


Boost Metabolism

Boost Metabolism

It’s a known fact that exercise boosts your metabolic rate and the degree at which it does this depends greatly on the intensity of your workout, your current fitness level, and the activity you choose to do. This phenomenon where your body burns more calories after a workout is, in the fitness industry, called Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption or EPOC. You can take advantage of this if you do your work in the morning since you will be burning more calories for the rest of the day regardless of whether you’re sitting down or moving around.

There are many ways to elevate your EPOC and increase your metabolic rate but most suggest to stick to cardio routines and more intense workout sets. You can also achieve the same results through weight training and other types of equipment. This allows you to switch up your routine so that exercise doesn’t seem tedious and repetitive.


Face Fewer Distractions

You won’t have a reason to skip out when you work out in the morning because there are fewer distractions to battle against. At most, your only battle is with your alarm clock, but you can easily overcome that and get used to waking up early after a few tries.

Compare that to working out in the evening where you are sometimes forced to choose between going to the gym or hanging out with your friends. Now, there’s no reason for you not to do both and train with your friends but you’re less likely to take the workout seriously when that happens. Aside from this, you may also be too tired from everything that happened with your day and simply decide to just head home.

There are just too many possible distractions in the evening as opposed to the early light of day that makes it hard for you to push through with your workout plans.


Make It Easier to Develop a Habit

Make It Easier to Develop a Habit

You are more likely to be consistent with your workout plans when you do it in the morning since, as mentioned above, there are fewer reasons to skip out. Because of this, the chances of developing a consistent habit increases.

Additionally, you can also enhance your personal discipline through this practice. Everyone knows it takes immense discipline and willpower to routinely wake up in the morning and head to the gym. Developing these traits is difficult but they should get easier as you continuously stick to your routine.

This increased sense of personal discipline isn’t only applicable to your workout habits either; it can even spill over other parts of your life. As such, not only do you become healthier, you also become a much better person because of it.


Key Takeaway

There surely are a lot of significant benefits to starting your day with a refreshing workout session at a gym in Makati. It improves your productivity, boosts your metabolism, keeps you from any distractions, and – perhaps most importantly – allows you to easily turn it into a habit. On top of this, you develop a great sense of discipline that can be beneficial in any and all other aspects of your life!