What are the common mistakes when working out in a gym in Makati?

  1. Not enough weight training
  2. Too much cardio
  3. Improper warm ups and cool downs
  4. Incorrect form
  5. Counterproductive programming


Regardless of age, working out regularly has a tremendous amount of mental, physical, and emotional benefits for any person.

Consistently training at a gym in Makati is a great way for you to fully reap the fruits of hard physical work and exercise. Working out or training is not something that is fixed; there is no perfect plan that is universally effective.

Often times, many people get discouraged from working out in the gym because they fail to further progress and get stuck in plateaus or lag in their current fitness level. One of the ideal things to do, especially as a beginner, is to hire a personal coach at your current workout fitness center.

There are many fundamental and general principles when it comes to working out in line with your desired results or initial purpose for exercising at a gym. On the contrary, there are also several factors that can hamper your improvement.

Listed below are some of the typical mistakes made in the gym that prevent people from progressing and, at the same, can be potentially harmful.


Insufficient Amounts of Weight Training

Insufficient Amounts of Weight Training

Many people who get into the gym become incredibly worried that lifting weight will make them become “too muscular” in stature. The truth, however, is that this is certainly not the case.

In fact, it takes many years of serious and dedicated training (coupled with a nourishing diet) to even come remotely close to looking like the bodybuilders you see on the television and in magazines.

Sadly, many beginner gym-goers get a little too wrapped up in body image, desired results, and misinformation that they become very closed-minded when it comes to the fundamentals of physical performance and training principles.

Lifting weights is an appropriate exercise for all age groups—although it is relative to age in some factors, such as movements, intensity, volume, and frequency. What’s important to keep in mind are the basic major movements with the barbell and the following supplementary or accessory exercises (usually with the weight machines).


Unnecessary Amounts of Cardio

Building off from the previous sentiment, gym newbies are often caught up in many stigmas. This initial one-dimensional mindset that makes everyone flock to the treadmill and bicycle machines for their entire sessions can be physically damaging—after all, too much cardio can lead to muscular and hormonal balance

People that are usually transfixed on their phones while doing cardio have the wrong notion in mind that sweating equates to fat loss, which is clearly a fallacious mindset.

Make it a point to do different activities in the gym and to incorporate various approaches in your workout regimen.


Neglecting Appropriate Warm-ups and Cool Downs

Neglecting Appropriate Warm-ups and Cool Downs

Pre-stretching during a workout session is often either not taken very seriously or done too much. Make sure that before you do your working sets, you get all the preliminary dynamic warm-up movements first. Failing to do proper warm ups and cool downs is one of the primary causes of intense soreness for the following days.

Besides pre- and post-stretching, another mistake is that people don’t put into account the importance of rest periods in between sets. People tend to talk too a bit too much sometimes. They should remember that the gym wasn’t meant to be a social club.



Incorrect and Dangerous Form

When it comes to either machines or the barbell or dumbbells, the most common—and arguably most dangerous—mistake that people make in the gym is exercising with the wrong form or technique.

Whatever exercise or movement it is that you are doing, executing the incorrect form can very much lead to long-term major and minor injuries as well as muscular imbalances. This is one of the many bad habits that first-time gym-goers should immediately correct.


Poor and Inefficient Programming

Poor and Inefficient Programming

People tend to become counterproductive with their exercise programming due to either tweaking it too much or not tweaking it enough. The most crucial thing to keep in mind is to adjust in order to adapt to external factors while, at the same time, making sure the general principles of whatever program you’re following remain intact.

People sometimes do “too much work” that they are unable to get sufficient recovery. Often times, another common programming mistake is the wrong matching and progression of prescribed exercises. Aside from doing extensive research, another ideal thing to do is to hire a personal trainer.


Key Takeaway

Deciding to take exercise seriously and to begin a journey into fitness can certainly be incredibly tricky—it is always difficult at first when you navigate your way into taking care of your health. The best thing to do is to get a membership at a gym in Makati and responsibly pour your heart, soul, and entire being into becoming a better person overall through physical fitness.

The best piece of advice to always keep in mind throughout your fitness journey is that it is and will always be a trial and error process that you and your coach have to constantly work on. Keep in mind to always do your own extensive research. A workout fitness center is a place of overall growth—never stop learning