What are the essential items for every trip to gyms in Manila?

  1. A simple gym bag
  2. Music
  3. A workout tracker
  4. Comfortable training clothes



If you work out in a gym in Manila, your gym bag should contain all your fitness needs. Every gym bag should contain a few essential items.

For some of you that go to the nearest gym frequently, packing a gym bag has probably become a habit. You probably think that you already have everything set, until the day you forget something important like your workout clothes or running shoes.

Set yourself up for a more productive workout, whether you are just starting out or have already been training for years. Avoid going to the gym empty-handed and fill your bag with these essential items for every trip to the gym in Manila. Enjoy the benefits of a bag that is stocked for your success.



A Simple Gym Bag

Before you begin packing your gym bag, you need to actually have a gym bag. There is an endless variety of brands, styles, and features that are available. Choose a gym bag that has the features you think might make the most sense for your needs.

Some people that go to a gym in Manila prefer gym bags with a few small pockets to hold their smaller essentials. There are also bags that come with a separate compartment for shoes and sweaty clothes. Don’t forget to choose a bag that has an adjustable strap, and is easily washable.

Remember, a gym bag can be anything. The most important thing to consider when choosing a gym bag is to make sure that it is large enough to hold all the items you decide to bring along. Pack your gym bag the night before your workout before going to bed so you can just grab it on your way to work and easily change into your workout gear.





It might not seem obvious to some, but having a good playlist of music to listen to while you work out is important. A good workout playlist can give you the extra lift and boost of energy you need to go from being tired to hitting a personal record.

While there are also dozens of different types of headphones you can choose from to listen to your music, long-time gym goers actually prefer a cheaper pair of headphones. Your headphones are likely going to be exposed to different elements in the gym such as the salt from your sweat, dust from the chalk, and generally being used and abused. Unless you invest on a sturdy but expensive pair of headphones, your best choice would be to buy a cheap pair you can easily replace when it inevitably gets broken.

Most people can find music especially motivating, but only when the music they listen to is their own. Use your phone or an MP3 player and your choice of headphones and get better results as you work out.



A Workout Tracker

As much as possible, you should track every workout session you have done. Try and take notes about what exercise you have done, how many reps you did for a set, and how much weight you have lifted. For some, a simple note-taking app on their phone gets the job done.

With a note-taking app on your phone, you can quickly go back and review the workouts you did the previous week and know how much weight you lifted last time so that you can do better in the following week.

Many others that go to their nearest gym prefer to track their workouts the traditional way: in an actual notebook! A spiral notebook or any other kind of notebook works great for this purpose. Just make sure to avoid getting your notebook wet, either from spilled beverages, or even your sweat. Remember to write down the details of the workouts you just did so you know what you need to do next time.



Comfortable Training Clothes

Comfortable Training Clothes

Your workout clothes do not need to be expensive. You do not have to buy them from the trendiest boutique store. Your clothes don’t even need to have the latest technology like moisture-wicking. All you need to do is to wear clothes that are comfortable and don’t restrict your movement.

Your workout is probably going to be less than satisfactory if you do not wear good training clothes. Remember to choose some well-fitted and breathable clothing, especially if you tend to go to the gym after work.

It is also important to choose fit over fashion. There is no need to waste time and worry about your gym attire. While you might look great, tugging down or pulling up your clothes while you work out is going to be annoying.



Key Takeaway

Remember, you don’t need to buy expensive clothes or find the perfect gear before you can work out. Instead, use the items in this list and any others you might choose to bring to help motivate you.

The right items in your bag can help you build a healthy workout habit. Just don’t let your things, or the lack thereof, be the limiting factor in your workout.