Why you should exercise with friends at the best gym in the Philippines?

  1. You become more motivated
  2. You are less afraid of diversifying your workout
  3. You will enjoy exercising more


The best gyms in the Philippines are places that allow you to have fun with your friends. They offer group classes and many of the same equipment so you can use them together at the same time. For many of us, going to the gym with our friends is a delight simply because they make working out more enjoyable just by being there.

Fortunately, working with people by our side has been proven to offer several benefits. Researchers from the University of Aberdeen discovered that not only do we become physically healthier, but our mental and emotional state seems to improve as well. In this article, we will cover the different reasons why you should start exercising with your friends at the gym.


You Become More Motivated

You Become More Motivated

Exercising with your friends at a gym in Manila can motivate you because they can influence you to imitate their positive behavior. Most of us have experienced having a buddy who exercises every week. It doesn’t matter if he has been working for long hours, or he has been dealing with issues with his partner. He cannot sleep well until he does his mandatory workout for the week. Whenever you decide to go to the gym with him, you always seem to push yourself harder than usual.  

This is because you, as a human being, are biologically built to be influenced by the actions of fellow humans. Most of us are more likely to think a certain action is right if someone close to us keeps repeating it.

Working out with friends also increase our motivation by bringing out our competitive side. Hanging out with a close group in a gym class, for example, makes you want to do better because you want to eventually catch up with your more talented friends. So you practice a difficult exercise several times until you get it right. You may even work harder because you are motivated to beat their record.


They Make You Explore Other Workouts

A lot of people struggle to branch out with their workouts on their own at a gym in Manila. Unfortunately, this can be unhealthy because sticking to the same set of exercises without doing anything new prevents you from developing your whole body.

Why does the state of your entire body become underdeveloped with an unvaried workout? This is because first, you can hit a plateau when you only strengthen some of your muscles. For example, if you focus on just curls, your biceps are the only muscles becoming stronger. Similarly, if you spend most of your time at the gym just walking on a treadmill at a leisurely pace, your leg muscles aren’t going to develop any further.

The second reason your physique isn’t going to improve with a workout plan with no variation is that you are not being challenged enough. The body needs to be challenged with a new exercise every once in a while because it has the ability to biologically adapt to any workout after you have done it for 6 weeks straight. When this happens, you will stop seeing your muscles grow in size and your cardiovascular endurance stops improving.

So to make your regular weekly routine in the gym is truly effective, you should dedicate each day to certain muscles on your body. For example, you can focus on strengthening your upper body muscles on Monday. Tuesday on the other hand, can be dedicated to working your legs, and so forth.

Even though you are motivated to shake up your routine, it can be hard to concretely do it on your own. Whenever you try a new exercise move for the first time by yourself, there is always the chance you will do it wrong without a guide. Thus, it would be great to bring a friend along at times like these. He or she can watch over your safety, offer you help, and correct your mistakes.


You Will Enjoy Exercising More

You Will Enjoy Exercising More

In all aspects of life, it is important you find joy in what you are doing or else you become less committed to it. Exercising is no exception to this concept. Yet, many people may find it difficult to enjoy working out by themselves even at the best gyms in the Philippines because of several reasons. You find it tiring, time-consuming, or just painful in itself. No matter what you do, the act of vigorously moving seems to have no positive advantage other than improving your health.

With a friend, this negative situation can change in a snap. You will find it more enjoyable because exercising has now become a social bonding experience for both of you. In one study by Oxford’s Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology researchers, you tend to feel closer with your workout partner because doing the same moves together brings in feelings of togetherness. Additionally, going to the gym with a close friend is more pleasurable because he or she also becomes a source of encouragement.


Key Takeaway

Exercising with your friends makes going to the gym better than going on your own. Close friends are good at making workouts something to look forward to because they motivate us to do better, less hesitant to try new physical activities, and they become the main reasons why we enjoy them. All in all, going to the gym with your friends make you see exercising in a more positive light.