What are the best fitness programs to try in the best gym in Manila?

  1. Cardio
  2. Strength-Building
  3. Flexibility
  4. Dance Workouts
  5. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)


Want to get in shape but don’t know where to start? Different gyms in Manila offer a wide range of fitness programs that cater to specific needs. Some focus on different forms of wellness activities such as workouts, health plans, and even facial services in the Philippines. Check out this list of exercises to find the right one for you.




Spin Cycle

Groups of friends from all over are gathering to sweat it out on exercise bikes to the beat of specifically curated playlists. Cycling has taken the country by storm, with multiple companies offering a unique spin to the kinds of rides they offer. Some people even create themed rides catered to specific films, musicians, and more.

This kind of program focuses on strengthening your upper body and legs. Constant cycling also helps other major muscles in the body.

Rowing Class

A rowing machine helps your body mimic the movements normally done on water. It is a low-impact workout that can still give you an extreme challenge. These classes combine different movements and speeds in order to work on different muscles.

A common misconception is that this workout focuses on strengthening your arms. The proper execution of this workout strengthens your legs, as they are what generate the power to row.



Strength Building


Aside from punches and jabs, boxing also involves quick movements back and forth in order to improve your speed. You will be taught that your speed can greatly impact the strength of your punches. With proper movement, you will be able to continuously deliver powerful jabs.

This is a good exercise if you’re looking to improve your upper-body and core muscles.


CoreFit is a group class that focuses on exercises that strengthen your abdominal muscles. It improves your core through a combination of body weight training, kettle bell exercises, Swiss ball exercises, and more.

If you want to improve your balance, power, and speed, this is the right program for you.





Powerstretching is a kind of exercise that does not give immediate results. Consider this program if you have the patience and the time to observe the gradual changes that can occur between one and two months. However, after the long waiting period, you will observe that your muscles will be visibly elongated. The results aim to give your body a longer and leaner figure.

If you are willing to take the time to improve your flexibility, give this program a try.


Yoga is an exercise that focuses on improving the overall wellness of both the body and the mind. Different poses are aimed to strengthen specific parts of your body while simultaneously relaxing your thoughts. It can also improve your metabolism to encourage weight loss.

Looking for a stress-free workout environment? Yoga could be the one for you.


Dance Workouts

Dance Workouts


Zumba is the perfect program for people who enjoy dancing. It uses specific dancing techniques to give the body a good workout. You are sure to have a lot of fun while exercising in this program. It greatly helps in weight loss and in improving your heart’s health.

Want a fun way to de-stress while getting a good sweat in? Give Zumba a shot!

Pole Dancing

For those of you who want to try something new, pole dancing is a good full body workout. It helps you lose weight and gain muscle quickly. Constantly lifting your body and holding your weight on the pole greatly strengthens your core, thighs, and upper body. Different moves also improve your flexibility and coordination.

If you want a fun and challenging program, then maybe pole dancing is the best fit for you.


High-Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training


This form of high-intensity interval training utilizes your body’s functional movements. It keeps your body in constant motion with lunges, pushups, squats, pull-ups, and more. It aims to push the body’s limits by constantly rotating the kinds of exercise one does. The intensity helps burn fat faster and form muscles quicker. This is the perfect workout for you if you want to strengthen and condition your body.

Insanity Workout

If you’re looking for an extreme workout, then you have found the right one. The Insanity Workout is a form of high-intensity interval training done in 3-minute sets with 30 second intervals in between. Similar to CrossFit, except that this workout relies completely on your body weight. The only equipment you’ll need is a timer and a strong mind. This aims to quickly burn fat while improving your overall fitness level. Note that this training is only recommended for those who are already in tip-top shape. Skip this program if you have a weak heart.


Tips To Find The Best Gym For You

Check how far it is from you. Look for a gym that you have easy access to. This will help you insert a workout into your busy day. Consider the following in order to find the best gym for you:

Membership fee: If you’re on a budget, make sure to research on the different membership fees of gyms in Manila to find the best one for you.

Flexible schedules: Some programs have a set time for their classes. Plan your schedule carefully in order to have constant progress.

Dedicated professional trainer: Talk to different trainers to help curate the perfect program for you. It may include a rotation of different workouts to target areas that you want.

Pair with a healthy diet. The key to being healthy is pairing exercise with a good diet. Not only will it help expedite your process, but it can also help you last through longer workouts.


Key Takeaway

There are multiple kinds of programs that cater to people’s specific needs. Make sure you do your research well to find the perfect fit for you. These programs can definitely boost your confidence and for additional help, feel free to approach reputable gyms in the Philippines with skincare services such as facials, fitness, and mental wellness.