What are the foods that promote a healthier heart?

1. Berries
2. Oatmeal
3. Fish
4. Nuts
5. Tofu
6. Green Tea
7. Red Wine


Exercising on a regular basis is certainly one of the best and fool-proof ways to ensure your body’s excellent health and wellness. With numerous gyms in Manila (as well as fitness centers), there are no limits to what you can do in the name of fitness and health!

Aside from keeping your body in shape, another thing to always consider is none other than a healthy diet. Your regular visit to a gym in Manila, or some fitness centers around the area, will be rendered futile if you don’t complement it with a nourishing diet.

Additionally, many of these foods do wonders for different parts of your body—your heart most of all! Seeking a food that you can enjoy while giving a healthier heart? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Here are some of the best foods that you can try out.




Let’s start with something small, simple, and packed with a lot of nutrients that give your heart the health boost it deserves. Berries are the best kinds of fruit to eat for a stronger heart—not only do they taste good, they are also packed to the brim with phytonutrients and soluble fiber, which are, needless to say, something that your heart needs!

If you’re looking for specifics, here are some the berries that you can try out: blueberries, strawberries, cranberries, and raspberries. Not only can they be eaten on their own, they can also be added to myriads of other foods, such as yogurt, oatmeal, and cereals as a healthy alternative sweetener.



Oatmeal is one of the most iconic and most recognizable breakfast dishes in the world. It can also shower your heart with loads of benefits! Oatmeal is filled with soluble fiber, which can lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of complications brought about by high cholesterol.

When it comes to the dish, the best kind of variant to enjoy is none other than the fresh one, instead of those ready-to-heat packs. That way, you’ll get all the nutrients you need and the taste will be unlike any other!



Of course, when you’re looking for something savory to enjoy, nothing is more savory than some good ol’ fish! While fish, in general, is one of the most flexible dishes to include in any menu, the best dish to try for a healthier heart is none other than salmon!

Prepared in numerous ways, a helping of salmon can provide your heart tons of benefits, as well as a delectable taste to savor! Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, consuming salmon (or any other fatty fish in general) on a regular basis can give your heart the care and nourishment it desperately needs. So make sure to consume some fish when you work out in some fitness centers around Manila.




If you’re looking for something that’s brimming with nutrients, as well as something that’s often recommended by any fitness center or gym in Manila, it would have to be nuts! Readily available in any supermarket, or even fresh from the wild, nuts will always give you the “crunch” of health to enjoy with every bite!

When it comes to this particular food, the best kinds of nuts to enjoy are almonds and walnuts. Teeming with omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, vitamin E, and folate, your heart is definitely guaranteed with all the health and wellness it deserves, not to mention that nuts will be providing you more reasons to enjoy these tiny delights.



This is the kind of food you’d expect to see as a companion of stir-fry dishes. Nonetheless, this is a food you should definitely consider trying for a healthier heart!

The best way to enjoy its cardiovascular benefits is to stir fry it with as many veggies as you want. That way, your cholesterol will be lowered significantly and you’ll be able to enjoy the food with more delight and gusto.


Green Tea

If you’re looking for something to relax with, then a cup of tea should be right up your alley—green tea to be exact! Known for being one of the most iconic super drinks of all time, green tea is backed up by numerous antioxidants known as catechins. Catechins can reduce the risk of heart disease for numerous avid drinkers of green tea!


Red Wine

Red Wine

For those who love alcohol and also want to keep their hearts in a top shape, then cheers to you! After all, a glass of red wine is more than enough to give your heart all the health it needs! Packed with flavonoids and resveratrol, a glass a day can keep the doctor away!


Key Takeaway

These 7 foods are the best foods to try for a healthier heart! With a lot of great gyms around Manila to match, as well as numerous opportunities for you to break a sweat, giving any of these a try will surely help you in the long run!