What quick workouts are perfect for young professionals?

  1. Killer home workout
  2. Core-strengthening workout
  3. Office workout



Nowadays, most young professionals are knee-deep in paperwork and stuck in endless business meetings that they barely have the time to care for their health and fitness. Trips to their favorite gym in Manila are instead spent sitting in front of their office computers and responding to client e-mails and making reports. What little extra time they have is then spent catching up with family, friends, or sleep; and to be honest, they barely even have time for those.

As much as professionals would like to not be slaves to their work, it’s sometimes simply unavoidable. If they want to live comfortable lives and progress their career, they first have to put in all their strength into their work. Although not really ideal, that’s just how the world works. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if the only thing that young professionals needed to sacrifice were their time, but that’s not really the case, is it?

Along with time, these people are unintentionally sacrificing their health as well. Hours of sitting and looking at screens definitely takes a toll on the body. In order to avoid any serious medical conditions, these people should squeeze in what little exercise they can to their routine, and we have exactly the right ones. These are some quick workouts for young professionals who are too busy with work and don’t have ample time to do intense workout routines:



Killer Home Workout

Sometimes all the free time you have you just want to spend at home watching your favorite shows and movies, so we whipped up a workout that you can perform while doing so. Simply perform three rounds of the following circuit:

  • Plank and hold for 30 to 60 seconds
  • 20 reps of air squats
  • 15 reps of triceps dip
  • 10 reps of lunge with hold per leg
  • 15 reps of superman
  • 15 reps of Russian twist per side
  • 15 reps of glute bridge; and
  • Wall sit and hold for 30 to 60 seconds

It shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes to complete this killer home workout. You also don’t have to worry about building more muscle in any part of your body because this targets every major muscle group. Moreover, you can quietly do this in your room without disturbing roommates or family members.



Core-Strengthening Workout

Core-Strengthening Workout

Balance and stability are obtained when you work out your core muscles, which are your pelvis, lower back, hips, and abdomen. A strong core is important not only for people play a variety of sports but also for other daily activities. If you think you want more power in your core muscles, then try this workout:

  • 10 reps plank taps
  • 10 reps jumping lunges
  • 10 reps spider lunges
  • 10 reps reverse lunges

Doesn’t look bad, right? Well, you actually need to perform 8 rounds of the following circuit to fully work out your core muscles. Don’t worry, though, because you can take a minute or two of rest after doing the first set which is 8 rounds of plank taps and jumping lunges. Too much? Try to do regular lunges instead of jumping ones or bring down the rep count to 5. You can do both, but where’s the challenge in that?



Office Workout

If you really spend all your time in the office, then you might as well exercise there. We have a quick workout that you should be able to complete in under twenty minutes. You may not even have to leave your chair or area for this. Follow the steps below for a great office workout:

  • Bobblehead stretch
  • Chest opener for 5 to 10 seconds
  • Knee press
  • 3 sets with 10 reps of squats
  • Glute squeeze (hold for 10 to 30 seconds)
  • Shoulder press (using anything heavy in the office)

Although these things won’t really power up your muscles in an extreme way. They can wake you up during the day and ensure that you don’t get injured from sitting way too long and staring at bright screens. On top of this workout, you should also get up and leave your desk once an hour. You can walk around or move any way you like just to counter the negative effects of sitting.



Key Takeaway

Not every one of us has the time to go to their favorite gym in Manila, but there are still ways to get a much-needed workout. You can set aside 20 to 30 minutes of your free time to the workout routines listed above. These routines require no type of exercise machine or equipment, so they should be more than doable. You can do them at home or at work—preferably somewhere private—so you have no excuse to skip them.

Some people may think that these routines are way too hard and they may be, especially for beginners, but you can personalize them according to your abilities and slowly work your way up towards the recommended amount. That way, you are not forcing your body to perform beyond its limits but slowly strengthening it so that it is able to do more in the future!