How can boxing help you when you train at the best gym in Manila?

  1. Build Your Confidence
  2. Train for a Better Body
  3. Learn Self-Defense


Boxing is one of the most fulfilling sports you can participate in. Enrolling in the best gym in Manila guarantees getting to the core fitness in the Philippines. The country is home to many famous male and female boxers. Manny Pacquiao is a notable figure in boxing for males while Gretchen Abaniel is one of the most underrated female boxers our country produced.

Boxing has many beneficial aspects for any individual. Increase your self-esteem and confidence. Improve your overall mental health. Get a better, healthier body that resists fatigue and help yourself by trying out an effective method of self-defense. Here are some reasons why you should try boxing now.


Build Your Confidence

Build your Confidence

Having a good exercise routine builds confidence. This is because regular exercise is not just good for your body, but for the mind as well. The impact of regular exercise on common mental health problems profoundly improves overall mood, relieves stress, regulates sleep and improves memory. There are scientific studies that say exercise can treat mild depression without side effects.

Exercise promotes neuronal growth, reduces inflammation as well as giving a calmer and better feeling. Endorphins are released during your routine, one important natural recurring chemical that’s produced by your brain. Look in the mirror with a renewed confidence and point of view.

Participating in a sport that encourages self-improvement is beneficial for anyone. Each time you finish a combo is a reward for yourself. Learning new combos and routines help you grow into a better person. Your trainer will most likely push you to better directions. Small goals that are fulfilled will greatly help in your self-esteem and overall mental health. If you’re truly passionate about the sport, there’s no stopping you in participating in a local competition. Truly, it’s the little goals and achievements that really build your confidence up.


Train for a Better Body

Train for a Better Body

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to training for boxing. Besides fat burning and increased muscle tone, boxing also improves your bone and ligament health. Bones become stronger and the risk of osteoporosis is reduced. Boxing utilizes full body movements, stimulating your heart and lungs, helping the flow of blood and oxygen throughout your body. Fatigue is lessened through boxing because of the muscle training you partake in. The muscles in your body move and contract more, in the process allowing you to train higher, further and faster.

In the Philippines, core fitness is greatly improved with boxing as it relies on your core to keep balance. No wonder Manila is populated with many boxing gyms! Boxing is also best combined with weight exercise and cardio to maximize the full benefits. This sport is fun and keeps you on your toes. It also helps you think critically by predicting movement and guarding your next step.

As time progresses, you learn to become agile and quick thinking, the result of consistent practice. You will slowly notice in the mirror how your body changes. In your movements, you’ll notice how mobile you’ve become. Not only will you look younger but you will also feel younger with the amount of energy flowing through your body.


Learn Self-Defense

Learn Self-Defense

Boxing is an effective self-defense martial art. It has been around for thousands of years with consistent techniques constantly tested in combat situations by athletes and practitioners. In most real-life situations, sometimes the only thing you have to throw is a punch.

Boxing allows you to throw the strongest punch you can to subdue and defend yourself with. The footwork and dodging aren’t useless either if you’re not a fan of throwing punches, a boxer can almost totally avoid getting hit with these techniques. Boxing is a simple self-defense sport anyone can learn.

However, you should always remember that any self-defense sport you learn should be treated with respect and integrity. Just because you know how to fight doesn’t mean it should be thrown around so easily. Only use your skills to defend yourself and help others. Share the discipline of boxing with passion and high regard.



Key Takeaway

Once you enroll in the best gym in Manila for your core fitness in the Philippines, your next best step is to motivate yourself enough to rebuild your confidence. There is nothing more satisfying than hitting the target with the strength and accuracy you’ve built throughout each boxing session endured. Try to build your confidence by developing a concrete routine. Take a risk and try compete for a prize.

Your body will be in its best shape because of the full body workout every punch and dodge you take. Increase your bone tensile strength and reduce osteoporosis. In the long run, your body will thank you for taking the time to properly nourish and care for your whole well-being. Try boxing now and become the best version of yourself!