What clothes should you never wear to your gym in Makati?

  1. Pure cotton t-shirts
  2. Loose or baggy clothing
  3. Inappropriate tank tops
  4. Skin-tight leggings


The clothes that you wear to the gym is just as important to the success of your workout as your qualities, mindset, and approach to the activity. You may be motivated, driven, and disciplined, but these can only get you so far. We can assure you that you won’t be able to reach your fitness goals if you go to your gym in Makati with ragged and inappropriate clothing. You’d be much better off lounging at home than doing any workout routines if that were the case.

“Then what should I wear?” you ask. Well, most gym-goers – newbies or veterans – love to wear whatever’s comfortable. T-shirts, joggers, tank tops, and leggings – you always see at least one person working out in these types of clothing. While it’s true that you have to feel comfortable and confident with what you’re wearing, these may not be the most ideal clothing for working out.

There are probably a lot of clothing options out there that we can’t enumerate each and every one of them. Instead, we’ll just share with you what you should avoid wearing to the gym. Take these pieces of clothing out of your workout bag or closet and get closer to your fitness goals!


Pure Cotton T-Shirts

100% cotton tops are a popular choice among gym-goers and all we have to say about them is that there isn’t probably anything worse to wear to the gym. It’s not just the tops either; some people love to go to the gym in all cotton, starting from their tops to their pants and even their socks, and it’s such a sad sight.

The reason cotton is such a huge no-no in the gym is because it works so well in absorbing your sweat but it doesn’t dry very quickly or at all. By the end of your session or maybe even just halfway through it, your clothes will be soaking wet and somewhat heavier, depriving you of your mobility. Aside from that, wearing sweaty, cotton clothes for long periods of time can lead to several skin conditions.


Loose or Baggy Clothing

Loose or Baggy Clothing

Loose-fitting clothes or baggy clothes also make constant appearances in the gym and we understand why. They’re quite breathable and allows for proper air ventilation and circulation. While they’re great for lounging and taking a quick stroll in the park, they are a huge safety hazard when worn to the gym.

Baggy clothing is a safety hazard because they can get in the way of your workout and get caught on certain equipment like bikes or treadmills. Moreover, they conceal your body’s alignment, posture, and movements, making it hard for your trainer or instructor to correct your workout habits. If they can’t do their job and you’re stuck with these bad habits, then you’re likely to hurt your body rather than help it out.


Inappropriate Tank Tops

This one is only applicable to the ladies, particularly those who haphazardly throw on a tank top before heading out without even checking if it’s appropriate for the gym. By this time, you might be confused by what we mean by inappropriate and appropriate tank tops, so we’ll quickly explain it.

When we say inappropriate tank tops, it’s those that look great when you’re standing but suddenly turn X-rated with the slightest bit of movement. As a result, you start flashing everyone in the gym and distracting them with your movements. In order to avoid this, test out your tank tops before you head out. Look at how they fit and how they work when you’re standing still and working out. Additionally, wear a proper sports bra underneath to keep your breasts from spilling out and also to give enough support as you do your routines.


Skin-Tight Leggings

Skin-Tight Leggings

We’ve also got one for the men and its skin-tight leggings or “meggings” as they’re called. It’s important to note, though, that we aren’t completely taking leggings off the table. They’re actually a great wardrobe choice for the gym as they give you full mobility, flexibility, and breathability.

The only problem with meggings is that they leave so little for the imagination especially if you’re not wearing any kind of supportive underwear. You could say that they’re kind of similar to tank tops in a way that they allow your regions to move and flap around for everyone to see. It’s inappropriate, dangerous, and extremely distracting, but if you really love wearing them then at least put on a great pair of underwear for your and everyone’s sake. If you can afford to switch things up, then we recommend some knee shorts – not short shorts – or tracksuit bottoms that are great for working out.


Key Takeaway

Before you head to your gym in Makati, it is important to be wary of your wardrobe choices. Some types of clothing are just not appropriate for the gym as they can hinder your productivity, distract the people around you, or straight up cause some serious injury. There’s not much you have to avoid anyway so it shouldn’t be hard to pick the right clothes for your workout sessions. Once you’ve put together the perfect outfit, you’re sure to become more confident and comfortable, allowing you to achieve every fitness goal you have in mind!