How to apply Corefit at any gym in Manila?

  1. Strengthen your core.
  2. Use tools for every workout like an agility ladder and agility ball.
  3. Power up your legs by doing exercises like one-leg balance, leg swinging, and one-legged clock.
  4. Strengthen your joints by crane exercises and squat throws.


Do you want a workout that can improve your speed, heighten your agility, increase your power, strengthen your balance, and enhance your body coordination altogether? If you want these, then a Corefit program is the best option for you!

In case your favorite gym in Manila does not offer a Corefit training, there’s no need to worry! This article will give you the top 5 tips and tricks for those who want to practice a Corefit exercise at any gym. For best results, be sure to read up on some healthy diet tips to incorporate it into your fit and healthy lifestyle!



Strengthen Your Core

Strengthen Your Core

If you want a better endurance and power while running, then strengthen your core. The core is the body’s source of power. Do remember that a stable and strong core can result in an exemplary transfer of power to other body parts. Your core also acts as your body’s stabilizer which is essential for a better balance.

The core involves the muscles in front of your abdomen down to those in the pelvic area, meaning the core connects the upper and lower body. Through these muscles, basic movements can be done. Now, can you imagine the degree of restrictions in your movement if your core is weak?

With these being said, concentrating on your core is truly an essential factor in doing any Corefit workouts. When you have completed this step, then you can proceed to the following step.



Use Training Tools

Use Training Tools

One of the main goals of any Corefit workouts is to heighten the agility. In order to do this, various apparatuses found at the gyms in Manila can be used, such as the following:


Agility Ladder

An agility ladder seems to be a simple tool. However, there are various movements that can be done with this workout tool that will definitely keep the heart pumping and the brain working.

Initially, a high knee march can set the momentum. To move it up a notch, lateral scissors can be done next. There are many other steps that can be done using this tool. You just have to be creative!


Agility Ball

Agility balls are thrown towards a wall or to a person. What’s great about this activity is it helps improve hand-eye coordination and also promotes mental stimulation. More importantly, you have to admit that it is a fun workout. However, if you are going to try this one out, make sure that you are in an area away from most people.

First catch it with both of your hands, then progress to just your dominant hand. Lastly, to make thing even more difficult, try to catch it with your non-dominant hand.



Strengthen Your Legs

Strengthen Your Legs

A strong pair of legs is just as important as having strong arms. Lower body strength is needed in order for your body to propel forward. By working out your legs, their strength is boosted along with your balance. Here are some exercises that you can do to toughen your legs.


One-Leg Balance

Before you start this routine, make sure that you are near an object you can brace yourself on in case you lose balance. To start, close your feet together. Then raise one foot. Your knees should either face forward or to the side. Hold the position for a few seconds, then shift to do the same with the other leg.


Leg Swinging

This may sound like child’s play, but if you don’t have a great balance it may not be as easy as it sounds.

First, raise your left leg a few inches off the floor then balance your weight on your right leg. Start swinging your left leg forward and backward, then side to side. Do this for a couple of rounds, then switch legs. Make sure that your foot won’t even graze the ground.


One-Legged Clock

You must first balance yourself with one leg. Similar to a clock’s actions, point out time using your arms. When changing from one “time” to another, make sure that your arms are doing a circular motion.



Boost Your Joint’s Strength

Boost Your Joint’s Strength

Exercises that focus on strengthening the joints like knees and shoulder can enhance your body coordination and even your proprioceptive senses. Here are some examples of this type of exercise.



This simple workout is sure to stabilize your ankles, hips, and knees. First, balance yourself on one leg with your arms to the side. Horizontally, bend your hips then extend the lifted leg up. Hold the position for a few seconds then stand on both feet. After that, repeat the same steps with your other leg.


Squat Throws

Your strength and coordination will definitely to improve with this one and your willpower will surely be tested! This workout is more fun when done together with a friend.

With your feet flat on the ground, squat your thighs. While holding the position, throw a tennis ball to a friend or to the wall if you are alone. You must complete 10 throws and catches for every set. You can only stand up once you have completed one set.


Key Takeaway

When going to the best gyms in Manila to try out a Corefit workout, make sure to strengthen your core. Just make sure that every workout you make will aid you to increase your agility, strengthen your legs and joints to boost your balance and body coordination. Lastly, don’t forget to use training tools that will definitely help you with every workout.

However, you must always remember that even with a rigid daily workout routine, staying fit also requires a proper diet. For this reason, make sure that you get a lot of nutrition from your meal by searching for healthy diet tips!